Top 3 tips for creating promotional USB drives


USB drives are practically everywhere in the modern society. Gone are the days when we used to depend on compact disks and floppy diskettes for files transfer and sharing. The best thing about flash drives that given them wide popularity is the fact that they are cheap, versatile, highly usable and most of all portable. This is the reason why marketing professionals have picked up the idea of giving custom shaped flash drives to customers and stakeholders. In any business entity, strategy is key to the success of the business. Below are a few pointers any business can use to maximize and benefit on custom USB drives.


Everyone enjoys a free product especially if it's one that can be used for your own benefit. Custom made USB drives are the perfect giveaway products as they can be used to store files, videos and music. Your customers will have something memorable to remember your business as they will be using the USB almost every time. Make sure that you brand the USB with your business logo as well as images and most importantly make sure that it looks appealing.

High tech calling cards

High tech calling cards are another way to create brand awareness for your business. This is very convenient for business individuals who make frequent industry conventions, meeting and sales calls to offices. Instead of just having a regular calling card you can have it customized inform of a USB flash drive so that it serves a more important purpose to the end user as well.

Product container

The other great way of using custom USB is inform of product containers. Let's say for instance you are in the business of selling software or videos offline. You can simply have a customized USB drive that is quite unique and appealing to the customer.